Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Classic Cocktail Drinks: The "Tom and Jerry" Cocktail Recipe and History

Classic Cocktails: How to make the famous "Tom and Jerry" mixed drink cocktail with recipe and instructions.

The Tom and Jerry is a favorite winter time drink for many cocktail lovers, but of course can be enjoyed all year long. This drink was inspired by eggnog. This classic cocktail drink is frothy, warm and sweet. This drink is based on dark rum and brandy, mainly cognac along with warm milk. It is a traditional Christmas cocktail in the United States.

The Tom and Jerry cocktail has no relation to the cartoon. The drink was invented in the 1820's by writer Pierce Egan to promote his book Life in London, or The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn Esq. and his Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom and play titled Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry Ingredients:
• 1 egg (can use egg substitute)
• 1/2 oz simple syrup
• 1 oz dark rum ( Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Cruzan, Mount Gay, Myers Dark Rum, Whalers, etc.)
• 1 oz Cognac or brandy (Ravenscroft Crystal Cognac, Remy Martin Cognac, Hennessy, Hardy Perfection, etc.)
• hot milk or hot water
• grated nutmeg for garnish

Tom and Jerry Procedure:
Divide the egg whites from the yoke and beat them separately.
Mix the eggs together and then place them into a Irish coffee glass.
Then mix in the simple syrup, dark rum and the brandy.
Fill with hot milk or even hot water.
Stir to mix.

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Classic Cocktails presents the "Tom and Jerry" recipe.  A classic vintage cocktail that uses rum and cognac.  A great holiday drink.

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